Caucus Fever!

It pleases me greatly that Rudy Giuliani is headed for a last-place finish in Iowa, behind even Ron Paul.  I’ve been saying for while that he would eventually implode, and I’m glad that wasn’t just wishful thinking.  I was kind of hoping it would be more spectacular, though.

I can’t decide whether to be pleased at the prospect of Huckabee winning, though.  On the one hand, he certainly seems the least electable of the serious Republican candidates–well, semi-serious, anyway (do any of them rate “serious?”).  I can’t see the party bosses letting him win the nomination (they want people who can pander to the evangelicals, not actual evangelicals.  W didn’t count as an evangelical because he was so clearly in thrall to the shadowy Republican elites); and I have trouble imagining him winning the general election.  But I could easily be wrong.  For the nomination, it wouldn’t be the first time reality got away from party bosses, and in the general, well, we Americans have a demonstrable weakness for genial buffoons.

Speaking of Huckabee

Not much to say about the Democrats at this point, other than that I do love a close race, just for entertainment value.


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