After the NH primary

What pleases me most about yesterday’s NH Democratic primary is how wrong the polls were, and how confused the pundits are now.  I don’t think one can safely ignore borderline-offensive (and over-the-borderline-silly) theories of what went wrong; polls and pundits just suck is all the explanation I really need.

I am also pleased that there are real races in both parties, for pure entertainment value.  Politics is a lot easier to take if you look at it as entertainment.

For the record: I will happily vote for either Hillary or Obama, with a mild preference for Hillary (which could change).  I despise McCain less than I despise Romney (and the rest of the Republicans), so I guess I’m glad he won his primary.  OTOH, I think McCain would probably be the strongest Republican in the general election, so maybe I don’t want him to get the nomination.  OTOOH, that’s an “electability” argument, a sort of contrapositive to what got us Kerry last election (what were we thinking?), so I’ll settle on “glad McCain won.”


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