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January 26, 2008

[or, There Will Be Blood]

I had a gum graft the other day–the first of several I’ll need. Fun!  I was apparently a real bleeder, which I’m told made it difficult for the periodontist to see what he was doing.  Not really what you want to hear from someone who’s cutting away skin inside your mouth.

The aftermath isn’t what I’d expected.  I had planned to be whimpering from the acute pain in my mouth, but there isn’t really any acute pain at all, just a dull ache and an intermittent nasty headache.  Both of which might be correlated with the massive swelling and the impressive shiner I have–I look like I’ve been in a bar fight, and people keep asking witty questions along the lines of “trouble at home?”  Besides the swelling the really annoying part is the dressings over the “donor area” and the gum itself, which feel like big lumps of silly putty and taste like especially gross old chewing gum.

The aches are enough to warrant a fair bit of ibuprofen, and I’ve also had a little of the vicodin they prescribed.  The warn you that it knocks you right out, but it perks me right up.  Whee!