Ow, part II

[In which I bleed some more.]

I had my second of four(?) gum grafts last week. Pain-and-annoyance-wise, it seems to have gone slightly better than the first. In part that’s because they (the periodontist and the dentist) knew in advance that I’m a bleeder and were thus prepared. Possibly as a result of that, or possibly for no reason at all, I have fewer of the vile silly-putty dressings in my mouth, and that makes a huge difference. The downside is I get to see what the graft looks like, and what it looks like is “yechh.” One spot looks like it may not have taken at all, a tremendously depressing thought. Elsewhere looks more promising. Disgusting, put promising.

This graft was for the lower jaw, and so I don’t have the enormously swollen cheek and badass black eye I got from the first one. Instead I merely have a mildly swollen jaw, which, while noticeable, appears to be the result of a much wimpier fight than did the first. I only had a couple of the vicodin pick-me-ups with this one, but am still scarfing the Vitamin I pretty heavily.

Note to you masochists out there—this may sound like fun, but be warned, modern Novocain is amazing stuff. Make sure you ask them not to use it.  It dulls the senses.

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