Some HTML text utilities

I’ve just added some utilities to my website:

  • A converter that takes HTML entities to/from the characters they represent. The input can be actual characters (e.g þ), named entity references (þ), or numeric references, decimal or hexadecimal. It also accepts some abbreviations (two back-ticks for “, for example), which I’ll eventually document. Maybe.
  • Lorem Ipsum text, with settable font, font size, and line height.
  • A list of named HTML entities. (Yes, that’s easy to find, but I wanted a place I could get to easily.)

[Yes, I know all these things are easily available many places. I wanted to be able to get to them without having to think about it, and to be able to fiddle with the details.]

I wrote these for a target user base of one—me—so there’s no particular reason to think that they’ll be useful for anyone else. They’re also in a bit of a raw and unfinished state (in which they’ll stay until I get around to doing something about it). But hey, use them if you like.

All the entity names and unicode descriptions come from the python unicodedata and htmlentitydefs libraries. I love the way python includes stuff like that.

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