Democrats. Bah.

The Democratic Party will be deciding today what to do about those pesky scoffrules in Michigan and Florida and their alleged delegates. They seem to be expending on awful lot of effort on figuring out details that just don’t matter—we all know Obama’s going to win, and the only real question is how quietly will Hillary go, and when. I suppose the theater is all about determining the exact level of respect Hillary and her legions of rabid supporters are entitled to. Sort of like mob boss negotiations in a more boring version of The Sopranos.

Oh, and the Democrats are also trying to un-piss-off the people of Michigan and Florida. To the people of Michigan and Florida I have two things to say: “Blame your idiot legislatures,” and “Oh, come on, your votes don’t count anyway.”

Should the Democratic Party’s motto be “It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time”? Regretting old decisions seems to be the party’s normal practice now. Besides the ill-considered proscription of large ornery states, we also have the decision to allocate delegates proportionally rather than winner-take-all, and of course the superdelegates.

And while I’m ranting about wasting time and energy, how about money? Wouldn’t the hundreds of millions spent so far, and yet to be spent, in this election have been better spent feeding the hungry? Sheltering the homeless? Aiding Chinese earthquake victims? Heck, buying every American a nice cup of coffee? If only Obama could use his superhuman fundraising powers for good…


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