Sarah Palin I’ve been saying for months (sadly, not in writing) that I thought the Republicans ought to pick Sarah Palin for VP.1 I never thought for a second they’d actually do it.

So here’s my thoughts. As usual, none of them are particularly original:

  • McCain is desperate for attention (the real subtext of that “Celebrity” ad was that McCain was jealous–he thinks he should be the world’s biggest celebrity, not just the oldest). He needed an interesting VP pick, and there weren’t a whole lot of possibilities. McCain and Mitt despise each other, and anyway Mitt owns too many houses (although he can probably count them). McCain might have liked to pick Lieberman, but he would energize both Republicans and Democrats against him. Tim Pawlenty and Tom Ridge are major snoozers.
  •   Miss Wasilla 1984She’s a social conservative, which the base will like; and being a woman she won’t annoy moderates as much as the typical White Male Phallocrat would.
  • Yes, she should appeal greatly to the lunatic Hillaristas. But I don’t know what to make of that. It is beyond my comprehension how anyone could support Hillary but prefer McCain to Obama, no matter how ticked off. Estrogen poisoning? Anyway, the Hillaryites are loud and entertaining, which means their numbers are probably vastly overstated.
  • This really does undercut the “experience” argument. Ordinarily wouldn’t be a big deal: lots of things trump experience. But in this case Experience is McCain’s only quasi-concrete anti-Obama argument.
  • It was There’s an excellent possibility she will compare well to Biden, despite his decades of experience blovating in the Senate. She did after all take on Frank Murkowski and Ted Stevens and win.
  • Shouldn’t “Track” and “Trig” be Romney children?
  • It seems awfully risky to pick someone currently under investigation for a scandal (being under investigation for a scandal is de rigueur for Alaska politicians). Mind you, I think it’s a pretty minor scandal–her state trooper ex-brother-in-law sounds like a real scuzbag who ought to have been fired, if not beaten up.

1 Remember, I’m a Democrat.

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