Less prurient thoughts about Sarah Palin

It’s all Sarah all the time today! Some of what passes for analysis with me:

  • She has what could be a devastating Girl-Next-Door affect: she’s just like you, only better (much better). People are naturally going to like her.
  • Which means that the Democrats need to be careful attacking her, if they don’t want to sound just plain mean. The Obama campaign seemed to figure this out pretty quickly, after an initial blast. Much better to see what she’s really like under pressure—sadly, that might will be pretty formidable—and let her do or say something stupid.
  • Not all the liberal blogs have figured that out; the knives are out for her at DailyKos et al. (but see Digby for a counterexample).  I fear mostly what they’ll do is lower expectations, making her look even better. But maybe it doesn’t matter; their audience is the True Believers, and their purpose is to rile up the Faithful.
  • I can only hope that Newt and Cindy and the wingnuts at Fox continue to defend her “executive experience” by pointing out that Alaska is really near Russia and has a National Guard. Unless I missed the Russo-Alaskan War of 2007, that seems a rather more devastating critique than anything we lefties might lob at her.
  • There’s been a certain amount of commentary along the lines of “this transparently political pick of a manifestly unqualified candidate shows that McCain cares only about winning the election and has no regard for the good of the country.” I don’t buy that at all (although actually I do tend to think that McCain cares only about winning the election etc)—I think she really is exactly the sort of mavericky independentish buck-the-rules person he truly likes (and obviously as he sees himself being—and may have been, in his better moments). You may of course question his judgment in picking her for that reason.
  • Especially given that she’s under investigation for abuse of power. What on earth? Nominating someone with a scandal? Sure, it might prove to be a big nothing in the end, but then again it could blow up on November 3.
  • I still think Obama will win the election, so the real result of the nomination, assuming she does well in the spotlight (and again, I think she will), will be to make her a serious contender for PILF in 2012 or 2016.

OK then, enough for now. I look forward to seeing what she’s like in the public eye for the next week. Maybe then we can have some actual informed commentary!


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