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Chrome, continued

September 6, 2008

I just tried to edit a Google Groups page using Google Chrome, and I see:

Page editing not supported in your web browser. Download a new copy of Firefox or Internet Explorer to edit pages.


Apart from that, I continue to be pretty impressed with Chrome. A few more observations:

  • I’ve seen a few crashes, and Google’s claims about sandboxing the tabs and apps seems mostly true:  a crash in one tab or app doesn’t usually bring down the whole browser.
  • I like the way that there’s no status bar taking up space all the time; addresses appear over the lower left corner of the window when you mouse over links, rather than in a dedicated space.
  • In-page search is incremental (as with Firefox), but has a few nice features: the browser tells you how many matches it found, and highlights both a “current” match and all the others, in different colors. It also shows you in the scrollbar area where the matches are, although it doesn’t let you click the indicators to go there immediately. I also like the location (upper-right) of the search window, I suppose because both my attention and the cursor are more often near the top than the bottom of the page.
  • Chrome DOES work with Java, but requires JRE 6 update 10, now in beta. Perhaps they needed the experimental “serialize user’s soul” feature…
  • While I wish the javascript debugger were friendlier—one thing that has annoyed me repeatedly is not being able to click on an error to go to the source; I’m told I should open the file in the inspector, but I seem not to be able to do that—but the DOM/css explorer is nice. Apparently webkit has a fuller version, but AFAIK it doesn’t work with Chrome (only Safari).
  • For some reason Chrome installs itself in your local app settings directory, not in \program files. I suppose there must be some reason for that…
  • The Application Shortcuts are surprisingly nifty for such a simple feature: all they really do is remove the browser ui. I have to assume that this is a harbinger of things to come. Chrome will become Google’s general application framework, a central part of their plan for world domination. Googlezon approacheth!