In which Godwin’s Law Should Probably Be Invoked

Brian Leiter (h.t.: David Bernstein at Volokh), railing against Republicans, quotes a “colleague” thus:

I heard some of the ‘Republicans’ on the radio last night and it was horrific.  Only twice have I heard anything so blood-curdling:  First, on viewing Leni Riefenstahl’s Triumph des Willens while an undergraduate.  And second, on listening to a radio broadcast of an old tape of a Jim Jones sermon in ‘Jonestown’ Guyana.  These people – Romney, Huckleberry, Giuliani, Palin – are so unbelievably depraved it doesn’t even feel remotely like America any longer.  Even Bush and Cheney seem almost quaintly familiar by comparison.

While I approve of the sentiment—I’m all for anti-Republican rants, and the general tone of the speeches I heard was…pretty bad—the comparison to Triumph of the Will was not only hyperbolic but insulting—to Albert Speer and Leni Riefenstahl. Sure, they were evil, but they were prodigiously talented, of an altogether different order than the pathetic amateur AV Club running the Republican Convention. Fortunately for them, the election is unlikely to be decided on the basis of aesthetic brilliance.

Not Triumph of the WillTriumph of the Will        

Not only do the Republicans not have a Speer or a Riefenstahl, I’m not sure they even have a Goebbels, now that Rove is on the outs as Minister of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda. Rudy, maybe?

Rudy GiulianiJoseph Goebbels

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One Response to “In which Godwin’s Law Should Probably Be Invoked”

  1. Samuel Skinner Says:

    You can’t compare the two- the Nazi party was made out of was outs, while the Republican party is made of the rich and career politicos.

    However, the Nazi’s were competant and COULD run a country, while the Republican platform seems to be dedicated into running the government into the ground. Sort of like why communists can do revolution, but anarchists can’t.

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