Ow the Third

I seem to have taken a bit of blogging holiday for no particular reason. I’m leading a rich and full life, I guess. Now I seem to have been pulled back to the ol’ Live Writer by PAIN! That’s right, gum graft number three was today.

Each one of these things does seem to go a little more smoothly. Whether that’s because I’m more used to them or because the periodontist was ready for my apparently profuse bleeding I don’t know. Whichever, I’m feeling more or less OK now, although I’m sorta expecting to crash at any second. Maybe the Vicodin will keep me awake.

For those who got here by googling “gum graft” because you’re about to have one and are afraid it will hurt: It will! But not nearly as much as you fear (or at least not as much as I feared). Not at all during the actual operation, thanks to the miracle of Novocain, except for the agony of sitting open-mouthed for an hour. But I advise you to get home quickly and take lots of drugs: when the Novocain wears off you won’t want to do anything but moan. But really the pain part doesn’t last long, if you dose yourself properly, and after that it’s really more annoying than painful.

At least this time I have none of the vile silly-putty bandage things. If you get a choice, don’t get ’em. The sutures will feel weird under your tongue, and if the graft is visible it will look like something from a low-grade Frankenstein move, but those dressings are just disgusting.

Enough of this, I’ll try to write something interesting later.

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