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My First Car Crash

October 11, 2008

And speaking of New Experiences, I was in my first actual car crash yesterday. I guess it counts as a car crash, anyway: I got rear-ended in a highway entrance ramp. The good part about being rear-ended is that it clearly was not my fault. Actually, I blame society, in its civil engineering manifestation. That highway entrance is dreadful.

No injuries, but lots of car damage. My car looks more or less OK, but something is clearly out of whack in the trunk-n-bumper area, and I won’t know how much til the body shop tells me on Monday. The other car looked to be a total wreck—my bumper pwned its radiator. Turns out they need to call the fire department when antifreeze leaks (“leak” being a massive understatement in this case). Who knew?

The state trooper who was the first responder to the 911 call seemed kind of bored. The local policewoman who ended up taking the case—apparently there are jurisdictional things having to do with exactly where the accident happened—was downright friendly. Is that representative of state vs town police? A sample space of one each is kind of meaningless, but still, it does vaguely make sense.

Attacked From The Air!

October 11, 2008

It wasn't like this. I look nothing like Cary Grant. And I was in a boat.Just now, out rowing in the local pond, I got buzzed by a biplane. First time for everything, I guess—