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Why, Hillary, Why?

June 3, 2008

[UPDATE: looks like it’s effectively over.]

I like Hillary Clinton1. Really I do. I voted for her in the Massachusetts primary. But if we had a do-over I wouldn’t do it again. She’s really been pissing me off.

It’s one thing to keep fighting when things look hopeless. The sort of gumption that requires is admirable, and probably necessary in anyone who really wants to be President. I don’t begrudge Hillary that; indeed, we should be thankful for it. The long primary season has been awfully tiresome, but it’s given Barack Obama some seasoning that he’ll need in the real campaign. McCain’s not the bastard W is, but the Republicans will certainly not keep the gloves on.

It’s the way she’s kept campaigning that’s the problem. As she’s gotten more desperate her tactics have gotten more despicable. Maybe that’s because there’s not a lot of non-despicable tactics she can use—after all, from the sound-bite point of view she and Obama are pretty much identical, and God knows they talked enough about “issues” at all those debates. But still.

I’ve been saying that in this election you have to be either a racist or a sexist2. I thought I was joking, but that seems to have become a main theme of the Clinton campaign, with the added proviso that “and many of you may as well embrace your racism.” The sexism part is fairly explicit. The racism angle is less so, of course, but really the hard core of her “electability” argument boils down to “Those troglodytes in the Hellhole Belt will never vote for a black man, but they might vote for a white woman.” I don’t know which is more offensive, the not-very-veiled implications of racism, or the insult to our intelligence that we might buy electability arguments.

And about electability. Her last gasp argument is that she is ahead in the popular vote, and hence is the proper choice both for reasons of electability and of democracy. Well. As to electability, I should think it’s pretty clear that small popular vote margins in primaries mean absolutely nothing in the general election. But that’s irrelevant, because her claim about the popular vote depends on some pretty twisted counting—as it must, because the nomination process just isn’t designed to measure popular vote.

And now there’s this weekend’s fiasco3. For the love of Heaven, Hillary, call off your legions of lunatic supporters! And I think I really do mean “lunatic” in the worst sense. There is no rational way to rank the candidates Clinton/McCain/Obama (unless you really are a racist). Supreme Court appointments alone are enough reason for any sane Hillary supporter not to even consider voting for McCain, or giving him half a vote by staying home. I am trying to assume that the loonies are a tiny minority, and that most of them will come to their sense by November.

OK, flame off. I just wanted to get that out of my system while I still can. With any luck, by tonight it will all be over, Clinton will have conceded graciously, and everyone will be friends again. The she can continue her career as a respected Senator or Vice President or Supreme Court Justice.

1 And her impersonators.

2 Both, if you’re a Republican.

3 I find I agree with pretty much everything Publius says recently.


The Democrats’ Delegate Compromise

June 1, 2008

does not seem to have pleased the Hillaryites. An old Onion headline works pretty well for this story.

Democrats. Bah.

May 31, 2008

The Democratic Party will be deciding today what to do about those pesky scoffrules in Michigan and Florida and their alleged delegates. They seem to be expending on awful lot of effort on figuring out details that just don’t matter—we all know Obama’s going to win, and the only real question is how quietly will Hillary go, and when. I suppose the theater is all about determining the exact level of respect Hillary and her legions of rabid supporters are entitled to. Sort of like mob boss negotiations in a more boring version of The Sopranos.

Oh, and the Democrats are also trying to un-piss-off the people of Michigan and Florida. To the people of Michigan and Florida I have two things to say: “Blame your idiot legislatures,” and “Oh, come on, your votes don’t count anyway.”

Should the Democratic Party’s motto be “It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time”? Regretting old decisions seems to be the party’s normal practice now. Besides the ill-considered proscription of large ornery states, we also have the decision to allocate delegates proportionally rather than winner-take-all, and of course the superdelegates.

And while I’m ranting about wasting time and energy, how about money? Wouldn’t the hundreds of millions spent so far, and yet to be spent, in this election have been better spent feeding the hungry? Sheltering the homeless? Aiding Chinese earthquake victims? Heck, buying every American a nice cup of coffee? If only Obama could use his superhuman fundraising powers for good…

A plague on both their houses

March 10, 2008

I’m on record as being pro-Hillary, but she (or her campaign) seems to be trying to alienate the likes of me. That “3 AM Phone Call” spot is, if not exactly the worst kind of fear-mongering (Rove would done it more vilely, and more effectively), nonetheless icky. Not to mention that it likely helps McCain at least as much as it helps Hillary.

Meanwhile Obama’s campaign seems determined to prove that he’s as unprepared as Hillary says he is. I admire him for surrounding himself with brilliant academics and other non-politicians, but it’s a sad fact that they seem unused to the reality of Presidential politics. Mind you, I despised both candidates’ obviously insincere NAFTA-pandering, so in a way Austin Goolsbee’s “don’t worry, Canada, we don’t really mean it” is a point for Obama, but still… If Obama wins (as certainly seems likely), I rather expect him to start his administration with a series of embarrassing missteps, much like his friend and ally Deval Patrick. Hillary is stretching a bit in her increasingly desperate claims to Experience (this, for example). Her real experience (and that of her formidable political machine) is in having made those stupid mistakes already, and learned from them.

Best Hillary Impersonation Ever

February 28, 2008

I am generally predisposed in favor of anything done by attractive blondes, but even accounting for that I think Rosemary Watson‘s Hillary Clinton is outstanding. Alas, it may be less relevant soon. I doubt she does such a good Obama…