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Cat Sonnet

November 9, 2013

Hugo waits, his every muscle taut,
Except for twitching tail uncanny still.
Soon, suddenly, he’ll strike, as swift as thought:
Soon hapless mouse will be but bloody kill.
Then later, after napping, he may play —
Or is it fight? there’s no good way to tell.
Perhaps his human servants’ flesh he’ll flay,
Or make his cat companion’s life a hell.

And now he craves attention, tame and meek,
Imploring only to be stroked and scratched.
He purrs and stretches, lang’rous, long, and sleek.
Gentleness and innocence are matched
With casual violence in the feline race,
Dual natures joined in feline grace.


The Thin Place

October 31, 2013

The borders of the world are pale now,
See how they grow very thin.
Near to us loom other places
Home to things not quite our kin.
What doors to otherwhere may open,
And what may come in?

An impish goblin, bent on mischief?
A Faerie prince from Tír na nóg?
A witch with her familiar daemon,
Ghostly cat or spectral dog?
Baleful and mysterious figures
Creeping through the fog?

Souls that should be long departed;
Wights and wraiths with sorrow crowned;
Boggarts, brownies, keening banshees
Sounding their unearthly sound;
Kobolds, dwarves, and little men
From caverns underground.

Stay within your homely dwelling!
Do not depart, nor take your leave!
Pull the blinds and bar the door ‘gainst
Things of which you daren’t conceive!
Unless you want to see what visits
On All Hallows’ Eve.