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Rosemary Does Sarah and Cindy

September 11, 2008

I’m ashamed to admit that I have only just this minute learned that Rosemary Watson, the world’s greatest Hillary Clinton impersonator, also does a mean Sarah Palin and Cindy McCain. LOLZ!

The thought of a McCain presidency fills me with something between extreme annoyance and terror, but four years of material for Rosemary would be some consolation—


Hitchens on Palin

September 9, 2008

In a Slate article subtitled “Don’t Patronize Sarah Palin,” Christopher Hitchens patronizes Sarah Palin.

[A more accurate subtitle would have been “Do Patronize Barack Obama, Joe Biden, and the Clintons.”]


September 5, 2008

Really, I was planning to watch Sarah Palin’s speech the other night. But I made the mistake of tuning in a bit early, and Linda Lingle put me right to sleep—my stars, what an awful speaker; did they put her on just to make the others look good? I woke up somewhere in the middle of Rudy vowing to annex the Sudetenland or whatever he was ranting about. I couldn’t bear that, so I gave up and went to bed. I’ve seen only snippets; maybe I’ll watch the whole thing eventually. Or not.

Last night the Terror Porn disgusted me so thoroughly—why isn’t that getting more attention? Am I really that sensitive?—that I didn’t even try to watch McCain; although again I’ve seen snippets (including, fortunately, what sounded like the Football Hooligan section drowning out an idiot protester with drunken chants of “U S A! U S A!”) (and hey, it turns out McCain was a POW!).

Which is probably all just as well. Political speeches and speakers in our era pretty much suck1. From what I saw of Palin she’s not a super-great orator (unless you’re comparing her to poor Linda Lingle). She did seem to be enjoying herself, which I suppose is enough. McCain just seems uncomfortable. Oh, there are some who aren’t bad: Huckabee has a certain folksy appeal, for example, not that he ever has anything to say. But even Barack Obama, by far the best of the current lot, leaves me (heresy!) a little cold.

The only political speech I’ve ever heard that genuinely moved me2 was one from before I was even born: JFK’s inaugural, which I happened to hear on the radio one day. Hearing that I was ready to join the Peace Corps. It’s probably just as well it was a Sunday morning.


1. Ack, I sound like an old codger bitching about the world going to hell in a handbasket. Maybe I should be a Republican.

2. Not counting MLK. He was a Prophet, in the truest sense of the word, not a politician.

Sarah Palin Funnies

September 4, 2008

The PalinDrome, Sarah Palin’s blog.

VP l00sers’ IMs.

How McCain really picked Palin.

Vetting Sarah Palin

September 2, 2008

I had planned to leave Sarah Palin alone until she at least made a speech or something, but… holy cow. I’ve got nothing to say about the story itself other than “all my best to Bristol and Levi.”

I had been dismissing most of the lousy-vetting stories—it doesn’t surprise me that McCain’s campaign wouldn’t talk to Palin’s political enemies; “what does a vice president do all day?” is really a pretty reasonable question; and so on—but, OK, I give. No matter how this turns out—and I for one am going to stop even trying to guess what might happen next—McCain and his people didn’t do their jobs.

Meanwhile, McCain continues to prove that he’s as unprincipled as he is incompetent, now by hiring Tucker Eskew, who smeared him in SC in 2000.

Less prurient thoughts about Sarah Palin

August 31, 2008

It’s all Sarah all the time today! Some of what passes for analysis with me:

  • She has what could be a devastating Girl-Next-Door affect: she’s just like you, only better (much better). People are naturally going to like her.
  • Which means that the Democrats need to be careful attacking her, if they don’t want to sound just plain mean. The Obama campaign seemed to figure this out pretty quickly, after an initial blast. Much better to see what she’s really like under pressure—sadly, that might will be pretty formidable—and let her do or say something stupid.
  • Not all the liberal blogs have figured that out; the knives are out for her at DailyKos et al. (but see Digby for a counterexample).  I fear mostly what they’ll do is lower expectations, making her look even better. But maybe it doesn’t matter; their audience is the True Believers, and their purpose is to rile up the Faithful.
  • I can only hope that Newt and Cindy and the wingnuts at Fox continue to defend her “executive experience” by pointing out that Alaska is really near Russia and has a National Guard. Unless I missed the Russo-Alaskan War of 2007, that seems a rather more devastating critique than anything we lefties might lob at her.
  • There’s been a certain amount of commentary along the lines of “this transparently political pick of a manifestly unqualified candidate shows that McCain cares only about winning the election and has no regard for the good of the country.” I don’t buy that at all (although actually I do tend to think that McCain cares only about winning the election etc)—I think she really is exactly the sort of mavericky independentish buck-the-rules person he truly likes (and obviously as he sees himself being—and may have been, in his better moments). You may of course question his judgment in picking her for that reason.
  • Especially given that she’s under investigation for abuse of power. What on earth? Nominating someone with a scandal? Sure, it might prove to be a big nothing in the end, but then again it could blow up on November 3.
  • I still think Obama will win the election, so the real result of the nomination, assuming she does well in the spotlight (and again, I think she will), will be to make her a serious contender for PILF in 2012 or 2016.

OK then, enough for now. I look forward to seeing what she’s like in the public eye for the next week. Maybe then we can have some actual informed commentary!


August 30, 2008

Sarah Palin I’ve been saying for months (sadly, not in writing) that I thought the Republicans ought to pick Sarah Palin for VP.1 I never thought for a second they’d actually do it.

So here’s my thoughts. As usual, none of them are particularly original:

  • McCain is desperate for attention (the real subtext of that “Celebrity” ad was that McCain was jealous–he thinks he should be the world’s biggest celebrity, not just the oldest). He needed an interesting VP pick, and there weren’t a whole lot of possibilities. McCain and Mitt despise each other, and anyway Mitt owns too many houses (although he can probably count them). McCain might have liked to pick Lieberman, but he would energize both Republicans and Democrats against him. Tim Pawlenty and Tom Ridge are major snoozers.
  •   Miss Wasilla 1984She’s a social conservative, which the base will like; and being a woman she won’t annoy moderates as much as the typical White Male Phallocrat would.
  • Yes, she should appeal greatly to the lunatic Hillaristas. But I don’t know what to make of that. It is beyond my comprehension how anyone could support Hillary but prefer McCain to Obama, no matter how ticked off. Estrogen poisoning? Anyway, the Hillaryites are loud and entertaining, which means their numbers are probably vastly overstated.
  • This really does undercut the “experience” argument. Ordinarily wouldn’t be a big deal: lots of things trump experience. But in this case Experience is McCain’s only quasi-concrete anti-Obama argument.
  • It was There’s an excellent possibility she will compare well to Biden, despite his decades of experience blovating in the Senate. She did after all take on Frank Murkowski and Ted Stevens and win.
  • Shouldn’t “Track” and “Trig” be Romney children?
  • It seems awfully risky to pick someone currently under investigation for a scandal (being under investigation for a scandal is de rigueur for Alaska politicians). Mind you, I think it’s a pretty minor scandal–her state trooper ex-brother-in-law sounds like a real scuzbag who ought to have been fired, if not beaten up.

1 Remember, I’m a Democrat.