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February 20, 2008

Having heard this on the radio the other day, I now think that the superdelegate system, and the alleged conundrum the poor things may face, is even sillier than I had thought.

First off, the Obaminators’ argument that the superdelegates should vote The Will of the People is obviously boneheaded (setting aside the obvious fact that the Obama camp would immediately say otherwise if he weren’t ahead in inferiordelegates).  If they were supposed to be rubber stamps, there would really be no point in having them at all; and indeed they were originally created to provide “leadership” in close cases.  Given the “leadership” the Democrats in Congress have shown the last few years, it’s hardly surprising that they’re desperately trying not to show any now.  (I find myself reminded of the GE Followship Award from 30 Rock.)
And beyond that, if the tallies are close enough that the superdelegates can matter, then really there’s no Will of the People to follow–the difference in the two would be within the margin of error of our ridiculous primary/caucus system, in comparison with which the Electoral College looks positively sane.  The superdelegates were a stupid solution to a stupid problem, and it shouldn’t be a surprise that they seem a bit problematic now.  Remember that the only time they’ve mattered before, the result was Walter Mondale.