We had to destroy the village in order to save it

Jeff Jacoby opines in today’s Boston Globe that a vote against Massachusetts’ Question 1—the ballot question to eliminate the state income tax—is a vote in favor of Dianne Wilkerson continuing to stuff her bra with cash. Or something like that.

Now Jacoby’s job as the Globe‘s token conservative op-ed guy is to say crazy-ass things like this. He is at least entertainingly provocative, and sometimes he’s even right (well, half-right). But this seems a little over the top even for him. Previously he (et al.) had argued, in what I now realize was a fit of comparative reason, that we should vote yes on 1 to Send A Message To Those Bastards on Beacon Hill. Now he seems to have come to the conclusion that the best way to get a hornets’ nest out of your attic is to burn your house down. At least, that’s all I can discern of his “logic” today. I should think that ballot questions about taxes are a rather less effective way to fight political corruption than, for example, arresting corrupt politicians. And they’ve already done that.

BTW: that Ballotpedia site I linked to above looks pretty nifty. Check it out!


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