A plague on both their houses

I’m on record as being pro-Hillary, but she (or her campaign) seems to be trying to alienate the likes of me. That “3 AM Phone Call” spot is, if not exactly the worst kind of fear-mongering (Rove would done it more vilely, and more effectively), nonetheless icky. Not to mention that it likely helps McCain at least as much as it helps Hillary.

Meanwhile Obama’s campaign seems determined to prove that he’s as unprepared as Hillary says he is. I admire him for surrounding himself with brilliant academics and other non-politicians, but it’s a sad fact that they seem unused to the reality of Presidential politics. Mind you, I despised both candidates’ obviously insincere NAFTA-pandering, so in a way Austin Goolsbee’s “don’t worry, Canada, we don’t really mean it” is a point for Obama, but still… If Obama wins (as certainly seems likely), I rather expect him to start his administration with a series of embarrassing missteps, much like his friend and ally Deval Patrick. Hillary is stretching a bit in her increasingly desperate claims to Experience (this, for example). Her real experience (and that of her formidable political machine) is in having made those stupid mistakes already, and learned from them.

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